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Twitch Odyssey

A Live Stream Performance

Twitch Odyssey, appropriates the online game space of to explore the intersection of devised theater and collaborative filmmaking in a contemporary adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. Twitch Odyssey, allows the audience, individually and collectively, to have a hand in creating and shaping the content and direction of the narrative.

Leading into the performance, the audience is instructed and enabled to make clips of video, moments of content, if you will, that become part of the performance world. During the performance, these moments of content, created by the audience, stream and our Homer character improvises – live and in real time – the narrative based on what he sees. In addition, the audience chooses the order in which the clips stream during the performance and are able to comment on what they see and what Homer says and what the other audience members are saying. Homer, too, is able to see those audience comments and incorporate what they are saying into the improvisations.

The audience can be in the physical space of the theater or can fully participate and watch the performance virtually.

Performance Workshop Highlights Spring 2016

Performance Workshop Highlights Spring 2016

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