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(Not So) Silent Movie

Storytelling, at some level, is a means of cultural preservation and instilling moral values. (Not So) Silent Movie seeks to investigate what happens when we refuse to accept the story as it is presented to us.

In the installation space, everyone begins with the same content, a set of video clips and title cards. (Not So) Silent Movie invites participants to consider these clips and assemble them in their own way, using their own device or tablets provided in the space, to tell a new story.

(Not So)Silent Movie

(Not So)Silent Movie

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Workshop Fall 2016


iPearl Immersion Theater 2017

Special thanks to Professor Arnav Jhala and the Visual Narrative Cluster at North Carolina State University.


Compelling "Not So Silent" Film Project a Success for NC State’s Visual Narrative Cluster

NC State Digital Games Initiative

NC State University Libraries

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