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Live In-Theater Performance, Presented in Mixed Reality

Inspired by Ntozake Shange's Novel Liliane

Adapted with Permission


Pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology the play explores the struggle for freedom in a future controlled by algorithms.

The Story

A strong willed, highly intelligent, free spirit, in conversation with her own avatar, and digitally animated and rendered memories, challenges us to consider the excitement, deep knowledge and power that comes from embodied experience. Will our struggle for self-determination and social change be thwarted by technology or did we cede free-will and autonomy a long time ago?   Set in the near future.

Theater Experience

This live mixed reality performance, allows audiences to see digital characters and objects in the physical performance space. Digital character actors move, speak, and interact with human actors onstage. Audiences experience some scenes simultaneously - everyone sees the same thing at the same time- and other scenes asynchronously, where individuals explore the performance space at their own pace. The stage is a physical space with a traditional set and with digital environments and set pieces.

Paul Dresher Studio
Oakland, CA
October, 2023

Director:  Margaret Laurena Kemp
Sound Design:  Zachary James Watkins
Liliane:  Arielle Powell
Young Adult: Erica Flor
Lilane Avatar Voice: Tanika Baptiste
Writer, Interaction Design: Hope Hutman
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